Member Testimonials

“I read the Flyer for relevant news – your many articles and information that keep us informed locally. And I like to hold a paper!”
– Rosie Richmond Whalum

“I started picking up the Flyer that had been tossed in the backseat of my mom’s car, primarily looking at the movie reviews and the advertising. I believe in this publication. It’s got a lot of mileage in the city of Memphis and it tracks well with the growth and ever-changing landscape of the city. It challenges, encourages, and has a wild amount of fun.”
– Alix de Witt

“I am hoping you will be able to do some serious investigative reporting. Nobody in city government is being held accountable for anything.”
– Sarah T.

“I chose to become a Frequent Flyer because I believe that local journalism should be supported. If I expect people to spend their time an money covering a story, they should be compensated. I’d probably pay more than $5 a month for the Flyer if I had to, so it was an easy decision.”
– William Cooper

“Independent journalism needs support now more than ever.”
– Cliff Barnes

“In 1990, I moved to Sacramento and then to San Francisco, and was struck by how much less interesting their equivalent weekly papers were. They didn’t have the soul that I’d quickly grown to love about the writing in the Memphis Flyer. When I moved back to Memphis, I was so happy to be reunited with the writing and commentary I could get in the Flyer. I chose to become a Frequent Flyer because I believe that high-quality, independent journalism is the bedrock of our democracy.”
– Tina Pierce Sullivan

“I became a Frequent Flyer because our community is in serious need of good journalism – those that investigate and educate us, the voters, and work to keep our leaders honest and open.”
– Edward Charbonnet

“The primary attraction is the quality of writing and the unapologetically direct assessments of serious subjects. Attacking important subjects with declarative opinions makes interesting reading… while rooting out hypocrisy. Keep your edge sharp.”
– Bob Byrd

“This is the only source for local news – and I love the arts coverage.”
– Jen Wood-Bowien

“I find, and have for several years now, the Flyer to be the best truly local coverage of Memphis and the MidSouth. I became a Frequent Flyer to support the only true print journalism our community still has.”
– Julianne Tutko